Introducing SalesIQâ„¢

Knowledge at your Fingertips

The Sales Information GapClosing the Sales Information Gap

Your best sales reps are mobile, informed, and responsive to customer priorities …

Shouldn’t your content be? Take advantage of the most advanced sales and channel partner information tool available in a powerful, dynamic, fully mobile platform.

Create a Dynamic Link Between
Marketing and Sales

There is a critical link missing in organizations today between marketing and sales. Marketing is the nervous system in the “sales body”. It is vital to ensure that the right information gets to the sales force at the right time and on the device they use most.

Introducing Sales IQIntroducing SalesIQ

Bringing secure sales content to tablets

Deliver Powerful, Tailored Content to Your Sales Force

Reach sales reps where they live, work, and connect with a tablet-optimized content app. SalesIQ is a mobile platform that works on the top tablet operating systems-iOS, Android, and Windows-and delivers relevant, timely content to your sales teams’ mobile devices wherever they are.

Single Source of Knowledge

All current sales content including presentations, playbooks, battlecards, sales sheets, and price lists can now be available in a single app. And customer-facing materials can be easily integrated within the app-all in one place-to allow sales the ability to readily make presentations from their notebooks or tablets. And with social sharing built in, sales reps can easily share content with others or email it directly to a customer right within the app.

Shorten the Sales Cycle

Because the new content seamlessly overwrites old content, the sales team only has one version: the latest. No more searching through files or quoting out of date information.

Easier for Sales

SalesIQ is available on all major operating systems and supports a multi-device workforce. A single app contains all sales training and filters make it easy to find content quickly. It’s organized and intuitive, and sales can be sure that valuable information they need is always current and at their fingertips.



SalesIQ works across all major tablet devices:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows

Version Control

Push new content over old content to your sales team’s tablets so they always have the latest version.

Push Notifications

Send push notifications to alert your sales team when key content has been added or updated.

Advanced Security

Restrict login to SalesIQ so that only your authorized users can access it and integrate your current Active Directory or LDAP database to ensure that user names and passwords are in sync.

Robust Analytics

Get powerful analytics that show which content is most used so you can redirect future budget to the items that provide the most value.

Adobe Integration

Integrates with Adobe Site Catalyst for advanced level analytics (requires a separate subscription to Site Catalyst).

Social Sharing

Social sharing built right into the app for easy sharing with peers and customers.

Interactive Content

Content can be built with the highest degree of interactivity including swipe, animation, video, and embedded polling.

analyticsAndSecurityBuilt-In Analytics and Security

Understand What Resonates with Your Sales Team

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what content is most used and is most effective? With SalesIQ, marketing can easily figure out what is working and what isn’t through sophisticated app analytics. You’ll be able to capture profiles with each download and measure every action. You can deploy polls for instant feedback from your sales team and measure app launches, content consumption, curriculum, assessment, multimedia starts, social sharing, and more.

With SalesIQ’s Dynamic Assessment Features You Can:

  • Integrate with
  • Receive real-time sales data
  • Deliver the content your sales team and channel partners need most
  • Prioritize and update the most consumed content
  • Attain testing results on products, services, and messages
  • Support multiple learning modalities and provide diverse multimedia approaches within the app
  • Provide more dynamic, interactive sales presentation content based on usage

Analytics Combined with

With SalesIQ, you can also capture the data in and correlate to sales.

Distribute Targeted Information to Your Audience with Ease and Security

SalesIQ allows you to create custom-branded user interfaces to tailor the look to match your company brand as well as construct different, secure folders for different audiences. Marketing can present content based on login and manage app assets. Sensitive content can be restricted through SalesIQ’s entitlement server to ensure confidentiality.

salesEngagementSales Engagement

Interactive Content Trumps Static Content In Readership

A study done by Top Gear Magazine demonstrates that engagement through great editorial content, interactivity, and top quality video dramatically increases readership-measured in time spent per reader.

The World Has Gone Mobile

Tablet adoption and mobile content consumption are on the rise and will continue to establish itself as the go-to-source of information.

Not only does digital content dramatically increase user engagement, comprehension, and consumption, at tablet-optimized app lets you reach sales reps where they live, work, and play.

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